how is a candidate selected?

A candidate is decided to be an ideal fit in an organisation by considering the following: skills, behaviour and cultural attitude. 

A typical Randstad recruiting process is demonstrated below:

  • Source: Our recruiters post advertisements to promote job opportunities.
  • Introduction/Pre-sceening: Job seekers who have submitted their application online or have emailed their CVs to recruiters will automatically be registered to our database.
  • Interview/Registration:  If your profile fits what our clients are looking for, you’ll be invited to a phone and/or a face to face interview with our recruiters to better understand job scope and skills fit.
  • Job matching: Our recruiters will send the CVs of the shortlisted candidates with the best skills and experience  to our clients for consideration.
  • Interview process/feedback: Our clients will request an interview with the short-listed candidates to determine if you’re the right fit for the role. In some circumstances, there will be a number of rounds of interviews.
  • Offer management: If you’ve been selected for the role, you will be presented with a letter of offer from your future employer. You can negotiate the terms of the offer with your future employer (through our recruiters) at this point.
  • Onboarding: Once you’ve signed the letter of offer, you’ll receive more information regarding how to prepare for your first day, either from our recruiters or your future employer.  

At Randstad, we never ask for remuneration from our candidates. 


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